Vodafone's International Plan

Great calling and TXT rates to selected destinations

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Get great calling and TXT rates to selected destinations

And every time you top up, get bonus NZ TXTs and Data. Plus you get to keep your credit.
International plans
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How to purchase your International plan

To purchase an international plan please go into your nearest Vodafone store or chat with Hana.

Your Bonus TXTs and Data lasts 30 days. Your special international calling and TXT rates do not expire.

Important things to know

Important things to know

  • You will need to activate your International Plan SIM prior to use.
  • As part of this plan, you get access to special calling and text rates to selected international countries that are always available. This means that these rates don’t expire and as long as you have credit you can take advantage of these special rates
  • Plus every time you top up $20 or more in one go you get a bonus (Data and NZ TXTs), and also keep your credit to use however you choose. The bonus allowance you get is determined by the amount you top up by, however each bonus will include specified data and TXT allowances.
  • You cannot purchase offers or Add-Ons from other Vodafone Prepay plans e.g. BestMate or Prepay $19 etc. See list of available Add-Ons below.
  • You can only have one bonus at a time, so when you top up any new bonus will replace the remainder of your existing bonus. If you don't top up within 30 days your current bonus will expire. Bonuses are non-transferable between plans.
  • Bonus TXTs are to standard New Zealand mobile numbers only and exclude special, premium and international numbers. Unlimited TXTs are intended to be used for personal TXTs to standard NZ numbers. However, unlimited TXTs are not for you if you plan to use them in any of the following ways: - Unlimited TXTs are not for re-selling or using for commercial gain, auto-dialling, machine to machine communications (including by using your SIM card in any other device) or any other activity that might not be viewed as ordinary personal usage.If in our reasonable opinion we consider your usage breaches these terms, falls outside the intended use, or is fraudulent or unlawful, we may immediately suspend or restrict your use of the services without notice to you. For overseas TXTing and non standard TXTs like premium TXTs and fundraising shortcodes, standard rates apply.
  • If you use up all of your bonus or if it expires and you do not top up again, standard rates apply. See full casual pricing details below.
  • To check your data and TXT balance, Sign in to My Vodafone or freeTXT MYADDON to 756.
  • If you switch plans you will lose any bonus or Add-Ons you may have.
  • A $5 plan change fee will apply for customers choosing to move to any other Vodafone Prepay plans.
  • For charging purposes, calls are rounded up to the next minute. For example, if your call is one minute and 40 seconds, you will be charged for two minutes.
  • Any of the following services will be charged at the usual rates, and deducted from your Prepay balance: - PXT - International numbers - Special or premium numbers (e.g. 0900) - Voice services (e.g. 018, voicemail) - Data calls and usage - Video calling - Roaming services
  • Vodafone Prepay mobile calling Terms and Conditions apply

Casual Pricing

International rates

When your Bonus, Add-Ons or Boosts have been used or expire - you will use your Prepay credit at the following standard rates:


Special Countries:

CountryCalling rate per min
China^, India^$0.03
Bangladesh^, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore$0.05
Macau, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, UK, USA$0.20
United Arab Emirates$0.40
French Polynesia, Western Samoa^, Tonga$0.60
Cook Islands$1.20
^ Promotional pricing valid until 30 April 2015

Other International Rates:

Capped calling to landlines - $2 for 60 mins

Call overseas landlines in these countries anytime and pay no more than $2 for 60 minutes!

Countries: Australia (excluding external territories), Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA
$2 for 60 mins
Ireland, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand89c per min
Rest of the world$1.43 per min


Special Countries - Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, UK, USA, Bangladesh, China, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam9c per TXT
Special Countries - Samoa, Tonga, Cook Is, Niue, French Polynesia and Hawaii19c per TXT
Rest of the world31c per TXT


Any other mobile network in NZ and Australia or any email address for the rest of the world$0.51 per message

Domestic Rates

When your Bonus, Add-Ons or Boosts have been used or expire - you will use your Prepay credit at the following standard rates:
CallsCalls to any NZ mobile or landline49c per min
TXTsWithin NZ20c per TXT
PXTsVodafone NZ mobiles within NZ$0.50 per message
DataCasual data (i.e. data usage when you do not have a Data Bonus or a Data Boost/Add-On)50c per MB
VoicemailCalls to voicemail20c per call
RoamingStandard Prepay Roaming / International Rates apply


These Add-Ons are available on the International Plan:

NZ & OZ Minutes$10 for 100 NZ & OZ calling mins (valid for 30 days)TXT 'BUY NZOZMins' to756
Data$3 for 300MB (valid day of purchase, expires at 11:59pm)TXT ‘Buy Data’ to 756
NZ Minutes$3 for up to 100 NZ minutes (valid day of purchase, expires at 11:59pm)TXT ‘Buy Mins’ to 756


Each of these Add-Ons are valid for up to 30 days from the date of purchase. To check the usage of your Add-On, you can call 321 from your mobile or sign into My Vodafone via the app or online.


$45 for 2.5GB

Free TXT BUY Data 2.5GB to 756

$20 for 1GB

Free TXT BUY Data 1GB to 756
500 MB

$12 for 500 MB

Free TXT BUY Data 500MB to 756
300 MB

$3 for 300 MB

Free TXT BUY Data 300MB to 756
NZ Minutes
100 NZ calling
Minutes for $3
NZ & OZ Minutes
100 NZ & OZ calling
Minutes for $10

NZ&OZ Mins Add-On and Prepay Boost Terms and Conditions apply. Data add-ons last for 30days.

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Grab your Add-Ons today using the My Vodafone app

You can also sign in to My Vodafone from your desktop or register here.

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