Mobile and Broadband come together

Vodafone NZ buys Internet Service Provider ihug

Vodafone NZ strengthened its position in the telecommunications market by acquiring ihug from iiNet in 2006 and combining the strengths of the two companies.

The deal to acquire ihug was announced in October 2006 and the ihug brand was later retired in 2008. Becoming a landline telephone provider and an ISP offering internet and home phone services transformed Vodafone NZ from a mobile phone company into a complete Communications Service Provider.

Vodafone now offers more types of internet access than any other New Zealand provider. This includes ADSL, VDSL, DOCSIS 3.1 and Fibre Optic.

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Vodafone internet and broadband services

Vodafone provides broadband over ADSLVDSL and Ultra Fast Broadband services over cable and fibre optic cable, along with a Webmail service .