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Home phone line and calling plans.

Personal Broadband Home phone

Home phone line

Your home phone line includes our standard calling plan, and you can choose the talk plan and calling features that you need.

Home Phone plans with Broadband.

Need a home phone?

All our current home phone and broadband plans have local and national calling included.

Get more value with BestMates® for home phone. Nominate up to 5 NZ mobile or NZ landline numbers, and call them as much as you like (up to 2 hours each call).

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Lady talking on a landline phone

Your mobile as your home phone

Man looking at a mobile phone

Want to lose your home phone and save?

If you don't need a home phone, you can save up to $20 every month when you choose a Naked broadband plan and link it to an eligible Vodafone mobile.

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