Planned mobile network upgrades

03 May 2021 to 09 May 2021

Our networks team is working constantly to improve our mobile network's coverage and capacity. Please see the table below for the current planned mobile network upgrades.

Site IDSite NameAreaScheduled StartScheduled CompleteWhat change will you notice?
A2WHBWest HarbourWaitakere City3/05/20217/05/2021Improved data speed
A3NMKNewmarketAuckland City7/05/20217/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
A3SSLShortland St LowerAuckland City6/05/20216/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
A8OTAOtaraManukau City3/05/20217/05/2021Improved data speed
C4MECMystery Events CentreWaipa District7/05/20217/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
C5MMNMt MaunganuiTauranga City3/05/20214/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
S1BBLBlackballGrey District5/05/20217/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
S2RAIRai ValleyMarlborough District5/05/20216/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
S3ROLRollestonSelwyn District3/05/20214/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
S3SCSSheffield CrescentChristchurch City6/05/20216/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
S4MHTMt HuttAshburton District5/05/20216/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
S5FKTQueenstown/FranktonQueenstown-Lakes District6/05/20217/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
S6SPBSpar BushSouthland5/05/20217/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
S6TPGTapanui GeneralSouthland6/05/20217/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
W1MSLMorere South LinkingGisborne4/05/20214/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
W1PIMPirimaiNapier City4/05/20214/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
W3CARCartertonCarterton District5/05/20217/05/2021Improved data speed
W3DANDannevirkeTararua District4/05/20214/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
W3FTNFeatherstonSouth Wairarapa District6/05/20217/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
W3WDVWoodvilleTararua District4/05/20215/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
W6NRENgauranga EastWellington City3/05/20214/05/2021Improved data speed
W6ROSRossmoreWellington City6/05/20216/05/2021Improved Network perofrmance
W6WSCWellington Stadium CapacityWellington City5/05/20215/05/2021Improved data speed

NOTE: If you're in one of the areas listed above, you may experience a partial or complete loss of mobile voice and data services between 7am and 8pm on the dates listed. After the work is complete, we are confident you will enjoy a better coverage and faster speeds on the Vodafone mobile network. Existing services will usually be restored each evening

A word about 4G frequencies

If your area has 4G 1800MHz or 2600MHz, you can enjoy 4G with any Vodafone approved 4G capable device. If your area only has 4G 700MHz, you will need a Vodafone approved 4G phone which supports 700MHz. You can check our 4G mobile frequencies.