How to deal with hoax TXT messages

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If you get a TXT about some fantastic deal that asks you to pass it on to others in order to qualify, chances are it's a hoax. And if it’s asking for your contact or bank details, it’s probably a criminal scam. Passing it on or replying means you’ll be part of the problem, so it’s best to hit ‘delete’.

We’ll never do a ‘pass it on’ TXT campaign to get our message across. If we want to let you know about a great offer, we’ll send you a TXT or PXT direct. We’re totally against hoax TXTs, because they waste our customers' time and money.

How to spot a hoax TXT

It's easy to spot a hoax. They always fail the ‘Yeah, right’ test. They're usually about a deal that's too good to be true, or an early warning that every mobile in the world is about to blow up or be shut down by a virus, or that you've been randomly selected to win millions of dollars. Yeah, right.

They often try to sound important by using impressive-looking statistics and technical terms, or claiming the story has appeared on a reputable website.

Where to find out more

View some examples of hoax TXTs that other customers have seen.

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