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Safety tips for mobile and online

Enjoy the mobile world safely and securely

Businessman holding and touching screen on a mobile phone

Like most things in life, online technology comes with risks. Bullying, cyber-crime, viruses and exposure to inappropriate material are the downsides of the high-tech world we live in. At Vodafone, we’ve found ways to help keep you safe while you digitally go wherever your mood takes you.

6 tips to keep your mobile safe

  1. Write down and store your mobile's IMEI number
    Every mobile has an IMEI - a unique 15-digit serial number. You can find out what yours is by pressing *#06# on your mobile's keypad and it will appear on your screen. If you can tell us this number we can stop the mobile being used on the Vodafone network, even with a new SIM card.
  2. Set up and use your mobile security lock code or PIN
    You can set up a PIN to stop anyone else using your mobile and making unauthorised calls (the mobile freezes after three wrong attempts). Your mobile comes with the preset PIN 1234# which you need to change to something private.
  3. Label your mobile
    Mark your mobile and battery or data card with something to identify it as yours. If they’re easy to identify they’re less desirable to someone else.
  4. Be aware of snatchers
    Always be aware of your surroundings when using your mobile in a public place.
  5. Don’t tempt thieves:
    When out and about, keep your mobile on you rather than in a handbag or jacket placed away from you
    If you leave your mobile in your car, keep the car locked and the mobile out of sight
    Even in places familiar to you, such as your workplace, keep your mobile with you or in a secure place out of sight.
    Don’t take your mobile with you when you are swimming at the beach or in a pool. Leave your mobile at home or locked and out of sight in your car.
    Remember a mobile is worth a lot of money to a thief - would you leave $1,000 unattended when you go out?
  6. Prevent liquid damage
    Your mobile is sensitive to moisture so don’t:
    Use it in damp or wet atmospheres
    Hold it against your ear if you have wet hair
    Have it close to your body when you exercise
    Leave it somewhere like a window sill where there are big temperature changes and condensation
    Take it with you swimming!

Safety services for your mobile phone

Drive Safe Icon

Stay safe while driving ›

DriveSafe auto-replies to TXT's while you're driving, so you can keep your hands on the wheel.

Blacklist Icon

Block unwanted TXTs ›

Add someone to your free Vodafone Blacklist and their TXTs or PXTs won’t reach you.


Safe TXT ›

Whenever you'd like the security of someone knowing where you are, you can leave a Safe TXT message with us in case things go wrong.

Protect yourself from fraud, hoaxes & spam

Hoax TXTs ›

HM-Mobile-Hoax TXTs-Intro-Image

Hoax TXTs are usually about something that’s too good to be true. We've got some examples, so you know what to look out for.

Protect your identity ›

Keep your identity safe Image

Don't be a target for fraudsters. Follow our simple tips to keep your identity safe online.

TXT Spam ›

Woman looking at phone

Get some tips on how to deal with annoying TXT spam, including how to report it to the Department of Internal Affairs.

P-Insure-Your-Mobile- con

Insurance for On Account mobiles ›

Insure your mobile against loss, theft and accidental damage.*


Digi-Parenting-Tips ›

Get the best advice, simple tips, and tools from digital and parenting experts to help you navigate the online world safely with your family.

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