Fixing your mobile

Get your mobile phone, Vodem or Pocket WiFi repaired

Has a Vodafone mobile you bought stopped working? You can take it back to the store you bought it from and ask to have it repaired.

All our mobile devices come with:

  • A 24-month warranty
    If a fault occurs due to a manufacturing defect, it will qualify for warranty repair
  • A 28-day Out of Box Failure period from the time of purchase
    If there are issues with your device within the first 28 days, you can take it back to the store and request a replacement

We also comply with our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

A charge may be payable for repairs that are not due to manufacturing defects within the warranty period, or not covered under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Important things to know

Our repair process complies with applicable laws, such as the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA). The CGA gives you the benefit of guarantees and specific remedies. The guarantees include that products and services:

  • Are free from minor defects
  • Are fit for purpose
  • Work for a reasonable period
  • Have facilities for repair

Non-Warranty repairs

The following damages are not covered by your warranty:

  • Impact damage - the phone has been dropped and damaged
  • Liquid or moisture damage - the electronics have been exposed to excess levels of moisture (a possible exception to this is IP rated devices which have their own terms and conditions)
Important things to know 

How our repair process works

Holding mobile phone

If your mobile phone or device can be turned on, you might be able to avoid a trip to the store.


No physical or liquid damage

  1. Restart your mobile
    Don’t know how to restart your mobile phone or device? Learn how to do it through our online device guides.
  2. Try another SIM card in your mobile
    If another SIM works in your mobile, you might not need to get it repaired! Give us a call and our Customer Care team will check some settings on our side
  3. Check the Online Device Guides for a solution
    Our Online Device Guides show you how to troubleshoot several basic issues for a range of mobile devices
    Find a guide for your mobile >


Device has liquid damage

Please note, neither of these steps are guaranteed to fix the problem, but they are a good place to start.

  1. Remove any covers that will come off as well as the SIM and battery (if it is removable)
    Please do not attempt to expose the mobile phone or device's components as this will void your warranty
  2. Place the mobile somewhere warm with air flow (e.g. in the shade near an open window)


Still not working? It’s time for you to take it back to the store.

Saving battery life
Need a bit of help - go in store

Tried troubleshooting your mobile phone or device and it’s still not working? It’s time for you to take it back to the store.

Find your nearest Vodafone store >


Before you go to the store


What to take with you

  • The faulty mobile phone or device and any affected accessories (e.g. the charger)
  • All packaging and accessories that came with the mobile (if it is within the first 28 days of purchasing the device)
  • Receipts (Proof of Purchase) or prior mobile repair documentation


Where to go

You can take your mobile back to any of the following locations:

  • Original store you bought the device from
  • Any Vodafone Retail store
  • The manufacture's repair centre


What happens in the store?

If our representative is able to resolve the issue in the store, your mobile will be returned to you immediately. Otherwise, your mobile will need to be sent away for further assessment.

Man in store
Woman looking at phone

For hardware or other complex issues, the mobile phone or device will be sent to the manufacturer for repair. If the repair comes at a cost, we will let you know the repair cost before proceeding (you can choose not to continue with the repair, in which case there may be an assessment fee).

Loan phones

While your mobile phone is being repaired, the store will attempt to provide you with a temporary loan phone (if available). These are available to both our Prepay and On Account customers.

If you're on Prepay you will need to pay a bond when requesting a loan phone.

Completed repairs

We’ll give you a call when your mobile phone or device is ready to be picked up. This usually takes between 7-10 working days.

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