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Mobile Data

Stay in control of your mobile data by following these 3 simple guidelines.

  • Get the right plan and Add-Ons
  • Monitor your data usage
  • Control which apps use your data.

Using these guidelines, you can make the most of your monthly data allowance and avoid unexpected data charges.


Tips for managing data usage


What are KB, MB and GB?

These are units for measuring data use – like cm, metres and kilometres are for distance.

  • KB (kilobyte): 1,024 KB = 1MB.
  • MB (megabyte): 1,024 MB = 1GB
  • GB (gigabyte)

Vodafone’s mobile plans talk about GB of NZ data, which is data you can use in New Zealand to upload (i.e. pictures to Facebook) or download (streaming a video) stuff on the Internet.


Get more mobile data

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What uses my phone's data?

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If you are just viewing and updating Text on social media, a low end plan is fine. However if you upload or watch a lot of photos or videos then a 5GB plan or higher is recommended.

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If you are a casual music listener (including online radio) then a 1-3 GB plan is fine. However if you stream daily Apple Music or Spotify or similar then a 5GB plan is recommended. If you stream HD audio daily then up to 10GB is recommended. On Apple IOS HD streaming is off by default but can be enabled in the phone menu.

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For daily YouTube or other video streaming (including Facebook), a 5GB minimum plan is recommended with 10GB ideal. If you want to regularly watch higher quality (HD+) video or TV series then 10GB is minimum.

Email usage

Can be comfortably done daily within a 1GB plan or even 500MB plan for casual use.

Online gaming icon

For both Android and IOS devices there can be regular updates to the system and installed apps. These can use several hundred megabytes so it is important to set these to only be done on WIFI.

Online gaming can create background data. You should block the data if possible through the application settings on the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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