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Make the most of your mobile

Get set up for the Internet, email, and explore what your new mobile can do with apps and more.

Below, our Interactive Device Guides will help you get the best from your device, and we have help videos to walk you through setting up new services.

If you got a question - pop onto the Vodafone Community or search our FAQs at the bottom of this page.


Get a PUK code ›

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If you've locked your mobile's SIM card, you'll need your PUK code.

Unlock your mobile ›

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Want to use your locked Vodafone NZ mobile on another network or overseas? You'll need to make sure it's unlocked.

Configure your mobile ›

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Quickly and easily set-up Internet, PXT and Email on your mobile, iPad or tablet

SIM cards ›

Vodafone SIM card sizes

Find out whether you need a nano-SIM, Micro-SIM or Standard SIM for your phone.