Help with Wi-Fi

white modem kept on a shelf

Improve your broadband performance

Your Wi-Fi (or wireless network) uses radio signals to relay data between your devices and your internet connection. Wi-Fi works by using a modem as an Access Point, so your devices can send and receive data.

  • Your Wi-Fi network is referred to as SSID on your modem
  • Your Wi-Fi password is referred to as your WLAN Key.

These numbers are shown on a sticker on the back or bottom of your modem. Your Wi-Fi is set up to use those details straight out of the box. You can make a note of them somewhere so that you don't have to look at the back of your modem each time!

If you are using a modem that doesn't support newer technologies like Wifi 6, talk to us about options to upgrade.
You might want to consider SuperWifi to improve your WiFi coverage at home. Take a look at our Deco WiFi Mesh units.