Watching VodafoneTV recordings

Steps to view previously recorded programmes through the VodafoneTV Box or app

You can watch recorded programmes on either your VodafoneTV Box or through the VodafoneTV app.


VodafoneTV box

  1. From the Menu screen, select My TV

  2. Navigate down to Recordings

  3. Find the programme you want to watch and press OK
  4. Navigate up and scroll left until you find the recording you wish to view

    Note: By default the most recent recording is selected

  5. Navigate down to Watch Recording and press OK

VodafoneTV app

  1. Log into the VodafoneTV app
  2. Android: Tap My TV
  3. Apple: swipe right to My TV

  4. Tap Recordings

  5. Tap the recording you want to view
  6. Tap Watch Recording

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