Watching previously aired shows on VodafoneTV

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You have the ability to watch shows which aired up to 3 days ago using VodafoneTV's Catch up feature.

This feature is only available on selected content, eligible shows display the Catch up icon: 


It also varies depending on whether you're connected to your home network or away from home.

VodafoneTV box

  1. On your remote, press the microphone button

  2. The search screen will appear
  3. Search for the programme you want to watch

  4. Search results will appear as you type
  5. Navigate down to Search Results then select the programme you want to watch and press OK

  6. Select the episode you want to watch
  7. Navigate down to one of the watch options

  8. Press OK

VodafoneTV app

  1. Log into the VodafoneTV app
  2. Tap TV Guide


  3. Scroll backwards in time through the guide and tap the programme you want to watch
  4. Tap the play icon

The show will begin to play.

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