Voicemail for mobile, Home Phone Wireless or Wireless broadband

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Voicemail gives callers the ability to leave you a message when you're busy or not available.

Your voicemails are only accessible by you and remain available until you listen to them. Once you have listened to them you can then keep them for a further 30 days, after which they are deleted unless you listen again and renew that period.

Note: In some cases, you are charged to call voicemail. Please check your plan's pricing information.

First time Setup

Dial 707 from your Vodafone mobile or wireless home phone and follow the voice prompts. There are two key aspects of setting up voicemail for the first time.

  • Your greeting: This is the message people who are diverted to your voicemail will hear
  • Your voicemail PIN: This is a 4-6 digit number that is needed when you're checking your voicemail from a landline or another mobile

Listen to messages

In New Zealand

Dial 707 from your Vodafone mobile

Using a landline or another mobile Dial 021 700 700 - instructions will play guiding you through how to access your voicemail messages. Note: You cannot access voicemail from another Vodafone mobile.


  1. Dial +6421700700 from your Vodafone mobile
  2. Enter your mobile number, starting with 21
  3. Enter your voicemail PIN

Record or remove a temporary greeting

  1. Dial 707 from your Vodafone mobile
  2. Select Personal Settings
  3. Select Temporary Greeting and follow the instructions

Remove voicemail

Call our Customer Care team on 777 - they will help you remove the voicemail service from your account.

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