VodafoneTV standalone: Hard Reset Process

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This page explains how to hard reset a VodafoneTV standalone box.

You should only use this process if

  • You see "There's a problem.  We didn't configure your VodafoneTV before it was delivered" error message on your VodafoneTV's screen or
  • You are deactivating your VodafoneTV box to remove it from your account

Please note: If you have hard reset your VodafoneTV box and you already have a VodafoneTV standalone account, you will need to remove and then add your VodafoneTV Box to be able to reactivate your VodafoneTV.


  1. Ensure that only the HDMI cable is connected to the VodafoneTV, and the TV is on
  2. Plugin the power supply and be ready to push the RESET button
  3. When the white Vodafone logo appears, immediately press and hold the RESET button at the back of your set top box
  4. Keep holding the RESET button and wait for the white Vodafone logo screen to disappear
    NOTE: If the second white Vodafone logo does not appear within a couple of minutes. You will need to unplug the power cable and repeat steps 1-4.
  5. When the Vodafone logo appears for the second time, let go of the RESET button.
  6. VodafoneTV will now start up and present the "Get Connected" screen.  Follow the set up instructions to connect and activate.


If you still see the "There's a problem.  We didn't configure your VodafoneTV before it was delivered" error message, after the SECOND 'boot' screen displays and the hard reset is completed, then please call 0800 080 078 for further assistance.

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