VodafoneTV | Speed test using Fast.com

Steps to run a speed test on your VodafoneTV box using Fast.com

These instructions help you to easily run a speed test on your VodafoneTV Box using the Fast.com application 

You should use the Fast.com speed test:

  • If you are experiencing pixilation or freezing of content on your VodafoneTV
  • To check if your VodafoneTV Box is getting sufficient throughput (a speed test result above17Mbps)

For best performance, it is recommended that you connect your VodafoneTV directly via Ethernet to your modem.
The maximum speed when connected via Ethernet for VodafoneTV is 100Mbps.

  • Do not open any external links on Fast.com (Example: Facebook, Twitter etc.) as this will cause the app to crash.

You should not use the Fast.com speed test:

  • For general broadband speed troubleshooting.
  • If you are experiencing any other performance issues not related to broadband speed, example: problems with sound or opening Netflix is not useful if you are having trouble with sound or can't open Netflix.


  1. Open the VodafoneTV menu
  2. Scroll Right until you find the APPS
  3. Scroll down to view all the available APPS 
  4. Highlight Fast.com
  5. Press OK on your remote
  6. The speed test will run automatically
  7. Click Show more info
    Information like upload speed, latency, service tested etc. will be seen
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