Update account details in www.vtv.nz (Standalone Vodafone TV)

The VodafoneTV Customer Portal (www.vtv.nz) gives you the ability to update your details online. This includes:

  • Name registered against the account
  • Mobile Number
  • Registered email address (changing this will change the email address you need to log into your account)
  • How you receive billing notifications
  • Marketing notification options

Please note: This is only available if your VodafoneTV service isn't included as part of your broadband bundle (doesn't appear on your Vodafone Broadband bill).


  1. Go to www.vtv.nz and log in
  2. Click Account
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the field you want to update
    Choose the field you are updating:
    • First name and Last name - Enter the new name you want to change it too (if you are moving ownership of your Vodafone TV remove any registered credit cards) 
    • Mobile Number:
      • Enter your new mobile number into the Mobile Number field
      • Click Continue
      • You will receive a confirmation TXT with a 5 digit code
      • Enter the 5 digit code, then click Confirm
    • Email:

      • Enter your new email address into the Email field
      • Click Continue
      • You will see a confirmation message that your email has been updated
    • Notifications - Select which option you like to change
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