Set up your mobile for the internet and PXT messages

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Set up your device for messaging and the Internet in just a few clicks. We'll send settings for your phone Over The Air (by TXT) to your device with the details you need to use the Vodafone NZ network.

Get your mobile settings sent by TXT

  1. Type in your phone name i.e. "Galaxy Note"
  2. Pick the service you want settings for i.e. Internet
  3. Enter in your phone number
  4. and we'll send you a TXT with your settings all ready to import!


WAP on Android phones

Using this tool to set up WAP on an Android phone can cause issues with web browsing and other applications on your phone that use the internet. It's recommended that you only set up MMS and Internet.

Phone not in the list?

Your phone may have been designed and manufactured exclusively for a specific service provider. This is more common for phones bought outside of New Zealand. You may need to consult your manual or the manufacturer's website for instructions to manually enter the settings.

Missing setup options

Your phone may not be capable of all of the functions that this tool can set up. Check your device manual or the manufacturer's website for more information. If you locate the set up instructions for that function, refer to the settings page for the manual settings.

Used the tool but your phone still isn't working

If your phone was supplied by us, contact our support teams on either 777 for residential or 888 for business. If you purchased your phone from somewhere else, consult your manual or the manufacturer's website for instructions to manually enter the settings below:

WAP or MMS settings for your mobile are usually found under the Phone Settings - Internet Settings.

 Bearer capability ISDN for NZ access, Analogue for roaming
 Call speed (Kbps)  14400
 Connection mode  Connection orientated / permanent / continuous connection
 Data telephone number  6421700747
 Dial-up username  voda
 Dial-up password
 Homepage URL
 Port (if required by device)  9201
 PPP authentication type  PAP (default)
 WAP gateway IP address
 WAP gateway password
 WAP gateway username  
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