Retired Vodafone broadband modems: User Guides

Check which modem you have and download a User Guide (supplied as PDF) to set up and get the most from your modem.

Modem Used for User guide

Vodafone Broadband Complete 
 ADSL Download the Vodafone Broadband Complete User Guide (PDF)

Vodafone MT882 modem
ADSL  Download the MT882 User Guide (PDF)

Motorola SB5100 Cable Modem
 Cable  Download the SB5100 Cable Modem Guide (PDF)
Vodafone HG520s wireless modem ADSL  Download the HG520s User Guide (PDF)

NetcommWireless NF5
 Cable  Support on the NetCommWireless website

Useful links for non-Vodafone modems:

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