Deleting VodafoneTV recordings

Steps to delete content that has been previously recorded

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You can delete recordings you no longer want through your VodafoneTV box or VodafoneTV app.

Deleted recordings are deleted from all of your devices (VodafoneTV boxes, tablets, smartphones, etc).

VodafoneTV Box

  1. From the menu screen select My TV

  2. Navigate down to Recordings

  3. Select your programme
  4. Navigate up  and then scroll across until you find the recording you wish to delete

    Note: By default, the most recent recording is selected

  5. Navigate down and then scroll right to either Delete Recording (only deletes the selected episode) or Delete the Series (deletes all episodes recorded for that series)

  6. Press OK
  7. The recording is immediately deleted

VodafoneTV app

  1. Log into the VodafoneTV app
  2. Tap My TV

  3. Tap Recordings

  4. Tap the recording you want to delete
  5. Tap one of the following:

    • Delete this recording only: Delete a single recording, but keep the series link (where applicable)
    • Delete the Series: Delete all recordings for a programme

After deleting a recording, it will not be accessible on any of your devices.

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