How to view usage using the My Vodafone app

Vodafone A and B only: Guide to view Call, TXT and Data usage using the My Vodafone app

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This page explains how to view Call, TXT and Data usage using My Vodafone App.

What usage records are available?

  • On Account and Wireless Broadband
    You can view your Call, TXT and Data usage since your last bill, the last (or latest) bill and the one before that.
  • Prepay
    You can see the past 30 days of activity.
  • Fixed broadband
    You can view monthly Call and Data usage and your usage history.


  1. Log into the My Vodafone app  
    The main dashboard appears  
  2. Check you are looking at the Account you wish to see the usage for.
  3. Tap Accounts & Services to select a different account.
  4. Scroll down and tap View detailed usage
  5. The View detailed usage Daily screen appears
    To view different days, tap the arrows for the day you want to view.
  6. Tap Details to view a full usage breakdown

  7. To customise your view tap Filter


  8.  Customise your view and tap Apply


What is Downstream & Upstream?

  • Downstream: Data that you receive. 
    For example, watching a YouTube video or viewing a web page.
  • Upstream: Data that is sent from your computer.
    For example, uploading a photo to Facebook or making a Skype call. 

Can I see what websites I've visited?
Unfortunately not - we do not monitor individual sites or programs that you access. We only look at the data transferred to and from your modem. 

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