Cancelling a VodafoneTV recording

Steps to cancel a recording

Vodafone TV

Cancelling a VodafoneTV recording stops a programme from being recorded on a scheduled date.

You can do this through either your VodafoneTV Box or the VodafoneTV app.

VodafoneTV Box

  1. From the Menu screen, select MY TV

  2. Under Watch Next, select the programme

  3. Navigate up and select the recording you wish to cancel
  4. Navigate down and select either Cancel Recording (cancels the recording for the selected episode) or Cancel Series Recording (cancels all future scheduled recordings for that series)


VodafoneTV app

  1. Log into the VodafoneTV app
  2. Tap My TV


  3. Tap Recordings

  4. Tap the recording you want to cancel
  5. Tap one of the following:
    • Cancel this Series Recording
    • Cancel this Episode only

A message appears confirming the recording has been cancelled.

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