VodafoneTV standalone | Add a box via www.vtv.nz

How to register or deregister a VodafoneTV box from your account.

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You have the ability to register multiple VodafoneTV standalone boxes to your account through www.vtv.nz - doing this enables Multiroom.


  • Adding Sky Multiroom costs $25 per additional box. There is no charge to add Multiroom on a Freeview account.
  • A maximum of 6 VodafoneTV boxes can be active on one account.
  • Before merging existing VodafoneTV accounts, you first need to remove the VodafoneTV box from the original account and hard reset it.


  1. Sign into www.vtv.nz
  2. Click the TV Devices tab 


    The Select the type of device to add screen appears

  3. Click VodafoneTV


    If you already have a VodafoneTV Box on your account, the Multiroom confirmation screen appears. 

    If you do not want to add Multiroom, then you need to remove the VodafoneTV box that is currently on your account before proceeding.

  4. Go to your VodafoneTV box you wish to add and enter the 10 digit activation code


    Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your VodafoneTV Box setup

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