Account balance | Check Prepay balance via TXT

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This article list information you receive when you TXT BAL to 777 while using an Prepay mobile.

  • These TXTs are free to send and receive.
  Information TXT Format Example
General BAL: Balance on the account Unused credit $nnn.nn Unused Credit: $33.59
  Expiry date of credit Expiry date: dd/mm/yyyy Expiry date: 25/03/2003
  Last call cost (of voice calls only) Last Call dd/mm/yy Last Call: 20/10/2001 (this field can be n/a)
*TXT2000 BAL: Add-On you currently have "" TXT 2000
  Total Add-On amount left VF2VF TXT: nn left VF2VF TXT: 24 left
  Add-On recurring date Recurs dd/mm/yy Recurs 9/11/06
*BestMate BAL: Add-On name you are currently on "" MATE
  Total Add-On amount nc per TXT; nc per min 0c per TXT; 0c per min
  Add-On recurring date Recurs dd/mm/yy Recurs 9/11/06
  BestMate number Mate 1 #<021xxxxxx> Mate 1 #021123456
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