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This article covers both Rural Broadband and Home Wireless Broadband services - your modem, connecting to Wi-Fi and phone service.

Please note: Both Home Wireless and Rural Wireless Broadband calling services require mains power. In the event of a power failure, your phone service will not be available, including access to emergency services.

About your service

Wi-Fi devices

You can connect up to 32 Wi-Fi capable devices to the 4G Wireless Broadband modem at any one time. More about Wi-Fi devices>


Your Home or Rural Wireless Broadband connection comes with a Vodafone 4G Wireless Broadband modem. You cannot bring your own modem or use a fixed line broadband modem with this service.

More about our 4G wireless broadband modems >
The following services are not supported on your 4G Wireless Broadband modem (they require a landline phone connection):

  • A medic alarm link through a phone line
  • Fixed line broadband or dial up
  • Fax
  • A monitored building alarm through a phone line
  • The SKY remote to download SKY "pay per view" movies or games, or SKY betting.
    You can still order SKY "pay per view" movies or games by calling SKY TV
  • Hosting web, mail or FTP servers (our mobile network currently doesn't support Static IP)

Home phone

Calls can be made over the wireless connection by plugging your existing landline phone (analogue) into the modem TEL port. You do not need a fixed landline connection. Note: If you are bringing your existing landline number from another provider, it may take up to 4 days for this number to start working. When making a call (local or national), you need to dial the area code.

Multiple phone lines (multiple phone numbers at the same address)

4G Wireless Broadband connections support a single phone number. If you have more than one phone number at your address and request a 4G Wireless Broadband connection:

  • Only one phone number will be transferred to the wireless connection
  • The others will remain as landline connections which you pay for separately

If you would like to have multiple phones in your household, you can purchase a cordless (DECT) phone (through another retailer). These phones can have multiple handsets, and only the base unit needs to plug into the 4G Wireless Broadband modem.

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