Developing your career at Vodafone

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Why Vodafone Careers Development and benefits

Getting ahead at Vodafone

If you’re ambitious, your career at Vodafone can move steadily towards the top – history shows this to be true.

Shamanth's Vodafone Journey

It’s a world of exciting opportunities here at Vodafone. Follow Shamanth’s ongoing career journey through Customer Care, followed by a stint in collections and then onto a creative media role in HR. Discover his secrets to success, his tips to network better and even how to maintain a healthy, ongoing dialogue with your line manager.

But most of all, let Shamanth show you the varied paths to success that lie within Vodafone and how, through hard work and perseverance, you too can shine in this growing organisation.
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Maybe you’re boiling over with ambition, or maybe you just want to wait and see what opportunities come your way. In either case, Vodafone is a place where you can progress. It’s perfectly reasonable that you could start in our call centre or a retail store and work your way to the upper levels of senior management – many people have done exactly that.

What our people say
But don’t take our word for it, read these comments from a variety of Vodafone people, who started out in our Contact Centre:

“Back in 2001, I was studying and joined Vodafone as a part-time customer service representative. Vodafone were the cool kids on the block and I wanted to be part of the team despite having no intention of staying past my studies. Yes, I’m still here and I still love it!”
~Senior Instructional Designer~

“Working at Vodafone is energising – the more you put in the more you get out. It’s also a very empowering place, if you have good ideas and can tell the story that brings these to life, you can go for it.”
~General Manager, Consumer Markets~

“I planned on working here a few years, I’m now into my 6th year and don't have plans to leave any time soon! Vodafone is constantly changing, keeping things exciting, new and interesting. I decided not to set my career path immediately, I wanted to try lots of different roles, try secondments and see what I liked best.”
~Communicators Advisor~

“I’ve met some of my closest friends at Vodafone and for that I am grateful. I’ve been able to observe their successes alongside my own, and this is all thanks to the opportunities that a business like Vodafone has offered us. The experience you gain, the network of expertise you can access, the ability to be at the forefront of our evolution as a business, having seen where we have come from and where we are heading, has made working for our company a point of pride in my life.”
~Agency Liaison & Disclosure Analyst~

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