Enterprise Sure Signal

You'll never again have to walk round your business, searching for the one good spot to send a text

Struggling to get mobile reception?

Communication is essential to your business, and now you can cost effectively add coverage where there was previously little or no signal, due to the location of your business or New Zealand’s unique terrain.

Using your fixed broadband, you can create a 3G mobile signal, giving you a strong signal and enhanced call quality on your Vodafone mobile.

That means you can make calls, send texts or use 3G data where you work without a struggle - so you never miss an opportunity.



Let our Sure Signal device give you a boost

Sure Signal
  • $799 excl GST
  • Creates 3G signal throughout your location by up to 120 metres
  • Allows up to 32 concurrent calls on your Vodafone mobiles, or a mix of calls and data sessions
  • Easy to install - connects to your Vodafone fixed broadband line
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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 Vodafone 3G mobile phone
  • A fixed broadband connection with a speed of 2Mbps or higher
  • A Vodafone 3G or 4G mobile phone for each person using Sure Signal
  • A Vodafone Enterprise Sure Signal unit

Sure Signal Terms and Conditions.

Sure Signal is a trademark of Vodafone New Zealand.