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5 real-world reasons you really should care about 5G

You’ve probably heard all the hype surrounding 5G at the moment – and some big numbers are grabbing a lot of attention. Those of us in the world of tech and telco certainly find them fascinating, but for the wider business community, what do 5G’s vital statistics really mean?

  • Download speeds of up to 1Gbps!
  • Up to 10x more capacity than 4G!
  • Data speeds up to 10x faster than 4G!
  • 5G supporting up to 1 million devices per 1km2!

These projections might sound sci-fi, pie-in-the-sky, but they’re not. We’ve tested standalone 5G and they’re realistic – see our 5G trials

The potential of the fifth-generation network is a little hard to grasp.

So in this blog, I want to show how 5G is set to be so much more than a numbers game. Let’s translate milliseconds and megabits into benefits we can all get excited about.