Integrated TalkZone

A flat monthly fee gives you unlimited calling between Small Office and your company's mobiles

For just $10 per line each month, you can make unlimited calls between your Small Office landlines anywhere in the country. You’ll also get unlimited calling from those landlines to any company mobile. Get yourself Integrated TalkZone and discover collaboration without limits.

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What is Integrated TalkZone?

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How Integrated TalkZone can help you

  • Cost certainty for calls within your company
  • Unlimited calling between Your Small Office landlines
  • Unlimited calling from your landlines to company mobiles
  • Low flat fee per landline per month
Intergrated talk zone

How Integrated TalkZone is put together

  • $10 per landline per month
  • Company mobiles need to be on Red+ Business, Business Basics or TalkZoneZero Plus
  • Creates a ‘calling group’
  • Calls between landlines in the group are free
  • Calls from landlines to mobiles in the group are free
  • Calls from mobiles to landlines in the group incur a cost
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Integrate landline and mobile calls

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