Streamline your business

If your staff are up to their ears in paperwork, liberate them with Mobile Forms

Mobile Forms connect staff in the field with your back end data and workflow, reducing your costs and increasing productivity.

Appearing as an app on a smartphone or tablet, they replace traditional paper forms, allowing your staff to stay on the road and get more jobs done. Vodafone Mobile Forms can be deployed quickly, at a lower cost than traditional system integration, using the latest in cloud based Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms.



Customisable for your business

Vodafone Mobile Forms can automate your paper-based processes, forms and templates. You can create powerful forms that incorporate GPS location data, photos, and signatures with a simple to use touch screen interface. Mobile Forms are not OS or device specific. They run like a browser, or within an app-shell, on smartphones and tablets, making them economical and easy to distribute to your team regardless of what device they use. 

Scalable cloud-based app delivery platform

The heart of Vodafone Mobile Forms is the Vodafone mobile app platform solution.  Built as a scalable enterprise grade middleware platform hosted in the cloud, this Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) is specifically designed to simplify how large organisations deliver workflow and automate processes outside of the office.

Stay mobile and automate outside of the office

Vodafone’s mobile app platform solution means staff can access numerous back end systems through apps directly from their smartphone or tablet, wherever they’re working. This opens new possibilities for what your staff can do in the field and gives you real-time data to work with.  No need to return to the office to process paperwork, staff can instead focus on giving customers a greater level of service.

Get up and running faster

Vodafone’s mobile application platform solution is a cloud-based platform that’s simple to integrate with existing back office systems and processes using standard web interfaces. This makes for fast, easy updates and gives you access to the latest methods of building apps.

Rethink the way you do business

The Vodafone Mobile App Platform lets you quickly and cost effectively build Mobile Forms, so staff can make the most of their time in the field. With this technology at your fingertips, you can rethink the way mobile staff interact with customers and ultimately, the way you do business in the future.


Streamline your business with Mobile Forms

Business benefits

  • Eliminate paper-based processes
  • User friendly
  • Save time and money
  • Build customised forms

Mobile App Platform:

  • Mobilise your existing back office systems
  • Cloud based fully managed service
  • Rapid development for all mobile OS
  • Secure to use

Who's using them?

  • Councils
  • Service companies
  • Government agencies
  • Construction and engineering
  • Health and safety inspectors
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