Cloud and Hosting

Downsize your hardware and give your business the competitive advantage with our private, secure cloud solutions

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Cloud and Hosting solutions

The cloud offers businesses great potential to improve services, work more flexibly and manage the costs of IT. We can deliver the scalable IT services you need when you need them - so your teams can focus on driving growth.  

Vodafone is a global Cloud & Hosting provider and with partnerships with leading cloud providers Microsoft and HP can provide comprehensive cloud solutions for your business.


PC Cloud Backup ›

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You’ll have peace of mind that your data is safe in case of a computer crash, physical damage, theft or malicious attack with PC Cloud Backup.

Server Cloud Backup ›

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Secure offsite backup to the cloud means your data is safe and can be restored quickly if your servers go down for any reason.

Cloud Servers ›

Cloud Servers

Now you can control your data and applications without investing in your own infrastructure by moving back-end servers to the cloud.

Microsoft Office 365 ›

Office 365

Office 365 helps you and your staff work together more effectively - at home, in the office or out on the road. It’s ideal for any size business as it’s fully scalable.

Data centres ›

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By outsourcing data centre care and support, or arranging an off-site data centre through us, you can protect productivity and reduce risks.