Naked Broadband

Don’t need a home phone? Get your broadband without paying for the landline service.

Naked Broadband

It may not be immediately obvious, but you can have broadband without a landline. Naked broadband is an internet connection without a home phone. That also means that you'll save money, since you don't pay for the home phone component. If you only use your mobile phone for phone calls, this is a great, cost saving choice.

All Naked Broadband plans come with these:

  • A $10 discount for mobile Pay Monthly customers.
  • Ninja Support.
  • A Standard broadband connection and a Vodafone modem, when you choose a 12 month or 24 month plan.
Man and woman watching TV with remote inhand Man and woman watching TV with remote inhand

Our ‘Powerful Broadband Promise’ gives you the ultimate broadband experience with super Wi-Fi, 24/7 Ninja help and support, and the reassurance that they will always be connected. So you can live life full stream ahead. See below for further information.

Choose your broadband plan
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Why choose Vodafone?

Vodafone Always Connected
If you have your home broadband with Vodafone and one of our eligible mobile plans, we’re making sure you and your family stay connected
Vodafone Rewards
Get rewarded any day of the week - cheap movie tickets, music and sports tickets and a whole lot more. Thanks for being with Vodafone!
Vodafone Ninjas
Talk to our Ninjas in store, online or over the phone. They're ace at answering questions and walking you through tricky tech stuff.