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Vodafone Modem

Receive a Vodafone modem from us with an Unlimited broadband 12-month term plan on Fibre, HFC, VDSL or ADSL.
Vodafone Modem
Vodafone Modem DN8245
The Vodafone Modem DN8245 offers the latest WiFi 6 standard, enabling low latency connections that load faster and connect to more devices in your home. It connects directly to the Vodafone network and is automatically configured with your new Vodafone settings. This modem is dual-band and Fibre capable and includes - 4x Gigabit LAN ports, 1x Gigabit Fibre port, 2 voice ports, and a USB port for file and print sharing - so you can make the most of all your devices.
  • Easy plug ‘n’ play set up, no configuration required.
  • Full support for set up, and trouble-shooting.
  • Works with our voice calling over internet service.
  • Latest WiFi 6 technology for connectivity and performance.
  • Dual band and fibre capable.

Vodafone Modem DN8245 RRP$149
$14.95 modem postage and handling fee applies.
Modem terms apply on Fibre, VDSL or ADSL and HFC. Consumer Terms and Residential Broadband Terms apply.

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