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Vodafone home phone services use voice calling over broadband

Voice calling over broadband (VoIP) is the new standard replacing the old copper landlines.

What is voice calling over broadband?

What is voice calling over broadband?

Voice calling over broadband (VoIP) is the latest in phone line technology. It replaces the old analogue voice signal with a digital signal which is transmitted over the internet. Voice calling over broadband is fast becoming the norm for landline calling throughout NZ. We are upgrading all our landline customers to voice calling over broadband, so that you can enjoy more features as they become available.

What you need to know before you start

What is different?

To use voice calling over broadband, you'll need to use the latest Vodafone modem we've sent you, as voice calling over broadband won't work with other modems.

If you plug your phone into the usual socket and you don’t get a dial tone, you’ll need to plug it directly into the modem instead. Or, if you want to use your old phone socket and have fibre or UltraFast HFC, let us know and we’ll get a technician to make that happen.

Voice calling over broadband works with mains power and an active broadband service. If electricity is not available, e.g. during a power outage, broadband doesn’t work, so your landline phone won’t either. You can still use your mobile phone, however.

Most systems such as monitored medical, security or other alarms should work with voice calling over broadband, but some don’t. So, it's important that you call the company that monitors your alarm to ask if their service will work with voice calling over broadband. If not, they may be able to find an alternative for you before you switch to voice calling over broadband.

A few other services may not work with voice calling over broadband, e.g. some fax machines, some EFTPOS machines and using your Sky remote to buy Sky Pay Per View events and Sky On Demand movies.


Do I need to change my landline phone?

If you only have one phone and it’s VoIP capable, you won’t need a new phone. It’ll work just fine. If you’re not sure, check your phone’s user manual.

If you don’t have integrated wiring and you have multiple phones where each one plugs into a separate phone jack in the wall then you’ll need to replace them with a new VoIP capable base unit with multiple handsets.
What is integrated wiring and how do I know if I have it?

When some houses had fibre and UltraFast HFC installed, integrated wiring was also added. This means that each of your phone jacks link up to your fibre connection. If you’re not sure if you have integrated wiring, simply plug your home phones into the phone jacks after you’ve moved to voice calling over broadband, and if there’s a dial tone that means you have integrated wiring.  

We are unable to offer integrated wiring for our ADSL or VDSL customers, we recommend talking to your local electrician.
Will my landline phone work when there’s a power cut?

All voice calling over broadband calls are made using your broadband connection. During a power cut, your broadband doesn’t work, so neither will your home phone. This includes all calls, even emergency calls to 111. We recommend always having a charged mobile phone ready to use as a backup.
What call features are available?

The following call features are all available with voice calling over broadband: Voicemail, Phone Divert, BestMates for home phone, Caller ID, Call Control and Call Waiting.

You may need to set them up again once your VoIP services are activated – you’ll find the guides on how to use the features here. Or if you’d like to add any of these services, contact us on the details below.



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