Vodafone TV Replacement FAQ

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Vodafone TV Replacement FAQ

Why is my TV getting updated to Sky

Technology is constantly evolving, meaning periodically we need to migrate customers who are using older products and services to newer technology.

The network technology behind Vodafone’s legacy cable TV product (TBox) and older HFC broadband modems were first deployed in the early 2000s, and run on older DOCSIS 2.0 technology, which will stop working in the next few months.

So that our customers can continue to enjoy their TV services, we are working with Sky to help affected customers be fitted with a Sky TV box and services. Sky’s latest MySky TV Box offers all the features TBox customers enjoyed, plus more, and is the best replacement option for TBox customers. Vodafone is directly contacting those who still use the legacy equipment to let them know Sky will be contacting them shortly to get this set up.

Did you know? Our Cable TV network in Wellington and Christchurch was originally developed by Kiwi Cable, then operated by Saturn Communications, then TelstraSaturn, and is now operated by Vodafone. Broadband services have been offered over the Cable TV network using DOCSIS 2.0 technology from the early 2000’s, DOCSIS 3.0 from late 2000’s, and the latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology since 2017. Legacy equipment using the now-defunct DOCSIS 2.0 technology will stop working in July 2021, followed by the DOCSIS 3.0 technology in 2022.

DOCSIS 3.1 technology is world-class and will continue to be supported globally for many years to come.

What stays the same with my TV service?

Sky will call you to discuss your current TV channels and programs that you have on your legacy Vodafone TV box so that you can continue to enjoy the same TV services.

What changes with my new TV service?

Your current legacy Vodafone TV box and remote will be replaced with Sky’s TV box and remote.

Your new Sky TV service will look a little different from your legacy Vodafone TV service, with the same feeling as you navigate through your channel selection.

Can I transfer my recordings from my current Vodafone TV to my new VodafoneTV?

You cannot transfer your recordings from your current legacy Vodafone TV box to your new Sky TV box. Please ensure you have watched any your recordings prior to your upgrade date.

Your new Sky TV has recording capability with MySky should you wish to add it, letting you watch, pause and rewind while recording 3 live TV channels while you are watching another, we also offer MySky+ with the same great features as MySky but with up to 4 times more space to record all your favourite shows.

How do I install my new Sky TV?

When the Sky technician comes to your home during the scheduled appointment, they will bring your new Sky TV box and remote with them and install everything for you.

The Sky technician will most likely be installing your new Sky TV box where you currently have your legacy Vodafone TV box. The technician will explain what they need to do and will not proceed with any work without your consent.

Will the Sky TV technician show me how to use my new Sky TV?

The Sky technician will make sure your services are working before they leave. They will check you’re comfortable in using the Sky TV service and are happy to show you – please do not hesitate to ask them if you’re unsure.

Are there any changes to my Vodafone broadband service?

If your Vodafone cable broadband modem needs replacing, we’ll arrange for our Vodafone Downer technician to swap this out when they come to collect the legacy Vodafone TV equipment and cabling, during or after the Sky installation.

If you have HFC cable broadband with us, we’ll be calling you after Sky have scheduled their appointment with you.

If needed, we will upgrade your broadband plan to one of our latest UltraFast HFC broadband plans once Sky has installed their Sky TV box, giving you faster internet speeds with an unlimited broadband data cap.

Are there any changes to my billing?

Sky will be setting up a new Sky account for you and this will be completed over the phone with you. Before a Sky technician appointment has been scheduled, Sky will talk you through your Sky TV packages and channels including the costs, when billing begins and your first invoice due date.

Once Vodafone have been informed by Sky that you have a Sky technician appointment scheduled, we will schedule the closure of your legacy Vodafone TV services for the day of your Sky installation or thereafter.

If you have HFC cable broadband with us, once your services are ready to be upgraded we’ll give you a call and you will receive a new Vodafone account number and all of the information on how to update your payments will be provided to you via email.

Do I have to be home during my upgrade?

Yes. The Sky technician will require access inside and outside your home.

If you require any changes to your broadband modem, a Vodafone Downer technician will also require access inside and outside your home.

You are welcome to have a family member/friend over when the technician visits. This is great if you’re not comfortable with technology and would like someone to be familiar with your services if you need some help in future.

Will I be able to change what I have now and upgrade?

Yes, you are welcome to change your TV package and/or channels when you speak with Sky.

Will I get charged a fee for upgrading or changing my services?

No, Vodafone and Sky will not charge a fee for the installation.

Will my pricing change?

We are seeking to upgrade your Vodafone equipment and services and keep your pricing similar or less than what you pay now but the sales agents who calls you will discuss your specific pricing in detail on the call.
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