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What is the Vodafone Fibre Max plan?

The Vodafone Fibre Max plan is our fastest Fibre broadband plan. With the Vodafone Fibre Max plan, you can max out on speed and entertainment as you stream 4K videos, listen to your favourite music and download large files or games, even while the kids are watching HD On Demand TV, all at the same time!

What’s more, you’ll never have to worry about running out of data because all the Vodafone Fibre Max plans come with Unlimited Broadband data and it is available everywhere we sell Fibre.

Man looking at a website on his laptop Man looking at a website on his laptop

What speed will I get?

Our Fibre Max plan is the fastest Fibre connection available, designed for max speed and max excitement. Other ISPs may refer to it as “Gig” or “Gigabit” Fibre. But, “Gigabit” only describes the network capability; not the actual speed you will experience.

Maximum speeds will vary and are affected by various factors. That includes how your device is connected to the internet (using a Gigabit Ethernet cable is far better than using Wi-Fi), the hardware and software used, number of devices connected, the time of day, and where the data is downloaded from.

Girl listening to music on her phone Girl listening to music on her phone

Important things to know

In good conditions, we expect you’ll get max download speeds of 700-900 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 400-450 Mbps.

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