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Home Broadband and WiFi set-up
We’ll take all the hassle out of setting up your home broadband. This includes configuring your network and setting up your home Wi-Fi.
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VodafoneTV set-up
We’ll sort out the setup of your VodafoneTV and sit down with you to give you a quick tour on how to get the most out of your new service.
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WiFi in-home device connectivity
We’ll even connect your Wi-Fi devices to your broadband network - PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, smart TV.
Personal Broadband Need help setting up?
Noel Leeming tech solutions
Noel Leeming Tech Solutions

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If you are a Vodafone Home Broadband customer, just give us a call on the number below to book an in home appointment. This service is ideal if you are moving house, adding VodafoneTV or need help with your Wi-Fi or home broadband network. Best of all, this service comes at a one-off fee of just $149 which will be added to your Vodafone monthly broadband account.

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