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Speed test

Check your current broadband speed

Broadband speed test

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Test your broadband speed ›

Connect to a wired ethernet connection before testing your speed. (WiFi performance should be tested separately.)

For the most reliable test result, use an Ethernet cable to connect to your router. This takes your wifi performance out of the equation.

This Beta test no longer requires Adobe Flash.

Remember - your broadband speed will vary depending on things like how far you are from our equipment and how many other people are using your network. The speed of your broadband connection is the theoretical maximum, and not a guaranteed speed.


The data transfer rate used in speed tests is normally megabits per second. This is shown as Mbit/s or Mbps.
You want to be as close to the theoretical maximum that you can achieve for your connection type.

Download The maximum speed (measured in megabits per second) data can be sent to your computer.
Upload The maximum speed (measured in megabits per second) data from your computer can be sent to the network.
Latency The amount of time (milliseconds) it takes a unit of data to travel from source to destination.
Packet Loss The percentage of units of data that are lost whilst travelling from source to destination.
Your IP The address used to send data between your computer and the network. I.P. stands for Internet Protocol
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, which has a theoretical maximum speed of 24Mbps
VDSL Very high speed Digital Subscriber Line, which has a theoretical speed of 70Mbps over Chorus lines
FTTH FTTH stands for Fibre To The Home. This means that the Fibre network reaches your property
FTTN FTTN stands for Fibre To The Node. This means that the Fibre network reaches a street cabinet
Fibre Fibre broadband uses fibre optic technology to deliver your data much faster than standard copper lines.
Fibre has a theoretical maxmimum speed of 1Gbps. Real world speeds are likely to measure over 900Mbps


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