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Vodafone is New Zealand's second largest ISP, with more broadband options than any other NZ ISP.

Internet Service Provider

As an Internet Service Provider, Vodafone offers more options than any other New Zealand provider. Covering everything from Fibre broadband and Cable broadband, through to ADSL, VDSL, and Wireless Broadband. You can get the most fundamental service from us: access to broadband.
Discover what's available at your house - and choose your internet plan.

Internet Service Providers are often referred to as an "ISP", or a "broadband provider". Put simply, an ISP is a company that can connect you to the internet.
Today, the most common type of internet connection provided by Vodafone is Fibre broadband.

How to switch ISP

If you have been thinking about switching to Vodafone, you can change your ISP, simply by following a step by step process.

There are some great reasons to choose Vodafone for broadband. You might have seen one of our amazing broadband deals, or you might want to take advantage of the discount that comes with some mobile plans.

It's best to start with a checklist before you take any action with these steps. You'll need to know whether you are on a fixed term contract, and if there are any fees or penalties in changing away from your current ISP.

Once you have this information and are confident that you want to change ISP, you can take action.

The first step is to sign up to a Vodafone broadband package. Just like with changing your power company, start by talking to the new provider first. We want you to have the best possible speed, and we'll recommend the best possible plan for your location.
That means we'll show you a Fibre plan if you are in a Fibre area, or we might recommend Wireless Broadband if you are in a DSL area.

You can talk to us about your needs, or you can simply choose a plan from our broadband plans page.
Once you have signed up to a new broadband provider, you'll want to know the start date for your new broadband plan. Now you can contact your old ISP, and arrange that service to be cancelled.

Domain names and hosting

Vodafone operated domain and hosting services until recently. These services were closed on 28th February 2019.

Broadband Assistant

Broadband Assistant was a Vodafone product that has now been retired. It is no longer available for download.


Webspace services were previously offered with fixed line broadband. This service was closed on 30th November, 2018.