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Archived terms - HomePlan

HomePlan™ Broadband

Terms and Conditions

For customers who signed up Services with TelstraClear pre-1 April 2013  (including re-signs)

On 31 March 2013 Vodafone Fixed Limited trading as TelstraClear (“TelstraClear”) merged with Vodafone New Zealand Limited (“Vodafone”).  Vodafone has assumed all the rights and obligations of TelstraClear.


This Agreement


This Agreement applies to all customers of the following Vodafone New Zealand Limited ("we", "our", "us" and "Vodafone") residential broadband services (Services) provided by Vodafone:

Speed Plans:

  • Broadband
  • Broadband Launch (only available with a 1GB Monthly Usage Pack)

Monthly Usage Packs:

  • 2GB
  • 10GB
  • 20GB
  • 40GB
  • 60GB
  • 100GB
  • 150GB

Additional Usage Packs:

  • 1GB (for Broadband Launch and 2GB, 10GB, 20GB and 40GB Monthly Usage Packs)
  • 2GB (for 60GB, 100GB and 150GB Monthly Usage Packs)


This Agreement comprises the following parts, which in the event of any inconsistency will apply in the
following order of precedence (with the first in the list having greater priority):



Availability of Services


The Services are only available to residential customers with a standard residential telephone line and the Services must be used only on that phone line. Only one broadband account may be used on a Phone Line. To receive Vodafone Broadband you must purchase and maintain a HomePlan Package with Broadband or Broadband Launch.


The Services are not available in all areas.


If there is a sign-up promotion in relation to the Services, unless expressly stated by us to the contrary, such promotions will only be available to a customer once, this being at the time of the first connection to the Service.




Initial Provision of the Services


It may take up to 10 working days (being any day other than Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday in any province in New Zealand) from the day you agree to take the Services for us to begin to provide you with the Services (whether as a transfer or new service).


You will ensure that all information you give to us in relation to your Services is correct and complete. You acknowledge that if you provide us incorrect or incomplete information this may delay the provision of your Services or adversely affect our delivery of the Services.




Changes, Upgrades and Downgrades to the Services


You may only change your Speed Plan once per Vodafone billing period. We will endeavour to effect any change to your Speed Plan within three working days. If you change your Speed Plan part way through a month the charges for your old and your new HomePlan Package and Monthly Usage Pack will be pro-rated in accordance with clause 7.3.


You may only change your Monthly Usage Pack once per billing month. We will endeavour to effect any change to your Monthly Usage Pack within three working days.


Upgrades or downgrades to your Speed Plan or your Monthly Usage Pack will not be charged.


The number of working days to action a change to the Services begins when a valid and complete instruction is received from you.




Changing your Address or the Phone Line


Due to operational restrictions, if you move your physical address or phone line, you may not be able to take your Services with you unless you:

  1. cancel your Services; and
  2. reinstall your Services at your new address or on your new residential telephone line (for which a connection and/or wiring charge will apply).

You will need to contact us at least 14 days in advance of any move so we can discuss how to minimise any interruption in your supply of Services.


If you change your phone number for any reason, this may affect our ability to provide you with the Services. You will need to contact us at least 14 days in advance of any change so we can advise you if this will have any impact on your Services.


You also agree that Telecom New Zealand is authorised to tell us about any change in your phone number or phone line.


Your Services will not work if your phone line or phone number is disconnected. It is your obligation to tell us if your phone line or phone number is disconnected. We will continue to charge you for the Services until such time that you notify us that you are terminating the Services. You acknowledge that we may regard disconnection of your phone line for any reason as termination of this Agreement by you in which case early termination charges for the Services (as described in clause 8.1) will apply.




Speed and Usage of Services


You acknowledge that statements about the speed of the Services are not guarantees about continuous speed of your Speed Plan. Where a download or upload speed is specified, the Services are capable of burstable speeds up to the speed stated. Where a download or upload speed is described as Maximum
you will receive the highest speed your broadband connection can deliver. The actual speed your broadband connection can achieve will depend on a number of things including the condition of your telephone line, the distance from your telephone exchange, the equipment you use (including your computer), the time of day you are connecting and the Internet use by others connected to the network at the same time as you.


All traffic (both download and upload) will be counted toward your Usage Pack.






We will bill you the fixed monthly charge for your HomePlan package and Monthly Usage Pack monthly in advance. Additional Usage Pack charges, modem/DSL line filter charges, installation charges and early termination charges, will be billed in arrears. Your first bill will also contain the charges for Services provided from the date we began to supply you with the Services up to the date of that bill.


If you use a complete Usage Pack within any billing month we will automatically add an Additional Usage Pack to your account. Unused or partially used Usage Packs (including credits/ usage promotions) cannot be carried forward to subsequent billing months.


Monthly charges for HomePlan packages and Monthly Usage Packs that are commenced or changed part way through a billing month will be pro-rated to the effective date of the commencement or change.
Monthly charges for HomePlan packages and Monthly Usage Packs will not be pro-rated if they are cancelled part way through a billing month, and no other monthly charges will be pro-rated if you commence, change or cancel the Service to which such a charge applies part way through your billing month. This means you will have to pay the relevant monthly charge for the entire billing period.


If you have chosen a three-month payment option for a modem purchased from Vodafone this means that you have agreed to pay 1/3 of the full purchase price for three consecutive billing months. Should you cancel the Service (in full or in part) before you have paid the full purchase price, you are required to immediately pay the entire balance owing on the modem.


You will only receive a connection credit if you are charged a connection charge.


If you receive other services from us you may receive more than one bill.


Broadband Internet customers also automatically have Dial Up Internet access, and if used, this will be charged at $2.50 per hour.




Cancelling the Services


Where services have a 12 month minimum term, if you cancel the Services (in full or in part) prior to the completion of your minimum term you will be required to pay an early termination charge. This charge will not be pro-rated.


Regardless of any other clause in this Agreement, we may end this Agreement by at least 14 days notice to you because of our obligations to third party service providers, for service delivery reasons, or because you no longer meet our credit criteria. This right to end the Agreement is in addition to our other rights under this Agreement. If we end this Agreement before the end of the minimum term because you no longer meet our credit criteria then you may be required to pay an early termination charge.




Changes to the Services, terms and charges by us


We may, by giving at least 14 days notice to you:

  • change our charges for the Services; or
  • amend or discontinue the Services or a plan or package in relation to the Services and where practicable, move you onto another equivalent service or plan or package of services; provided that if any such change results in an increase in charges, or would otherwise be materially detrimental to you, you may within the 14 day notice period, cancel the Services effective on the date that the change is to take effect. In such circumstance you will not be charged an early termination charge if this was applicable to you and we will refund to you any charges you have paid for Services not provided as at the date of such termination. If you cancel the Service (in full or in part) before you have paid the full purchase price of your modem supplied by us, you are required to immediately pay the entire balance owing on the modem.


We may, by giving at least 14 days notice to you, change these terms and conditions.




Your ISP


The Services include access to the Internet via Vodafone. Unless we advise you otherwise, to ensure you use Vodafone as your ISP, set your modem to the use the correct authentication settings as follows: [], OR [] as applicable.




Your Other Obligations


You will be responsible for protecting your computer against any virus, unauthorised access or spam. We recommend that you install appropriate firewalls, spam filters and anti-virus software as we do not provide any spam or virus protection with the Services (except for the email filtering services described under your standard internet terms) and you will be responsible for any usage that may result from any virus, spam or unauthorised access.

Therefore, to the extent permitted by law, we accept no liability in relation to any virus, unauthorised access or spam experienced by you. For further information on protecting your account from unauthorised use refer to our online help .

However you are responsible for ensuring the compatibility of the Services with, and the support and maintenance of:

  • firewalls, spam filters, anti-virus and other software; and
  • modems and other hardware and equipment.


You are responsible for managing your Internet usage, and this includes regularly checking the online usage meter and email usage notifications. You are also responsible for ensuring that your contact details are correct and current, including your email notification address so that we can contact you with email usage notifications.


Vodafone discourages the use of file sharing software. You are responsible for all charges incurred as a result of using this type of software.


You will indemnify us for any damage, loss or cost caused by your actions or through your phone line (including your failure to comply with the obligations in this Agreement) which results in us being liable to third party carriers and service providers.




Modem and DSL Line Filters


You will receive one DSL line filter with Broadband or Broadband Launch with each modem that you purchase from us. If you purchase additional DSL line filters without also purchasing a modem you will be required to pay postage and packaging for us (or our supplier) to send those DSL line filters to you.


You are responsible for installing and configuring your modem correctly. If we have supplied the modem to you, we will provide you with a phone number to call for free telephone assistance with installation and configuration.


In the unlikely event that a fault occurs with the modem you may contact us or phone our modem supplier directly (Dynalink - TollFree 0800 653 962).


If we are required to respond to a fault with the Services (including the modem) and it is established that responsibility for that fault does not lie with us (except where the fault is with the modem and responsibility is with our modem supplier) then we may charge you a service fee for that response.




Fair Use Policy


A Fair Use Policy applies to some of our Services to ensure that all eligible Vodafone customers are able to access our Services. If you do not use the Services in accordance with our Fair Use Policy (unless we have stated that it does not apply), we may restrict or suspend your use of the Services.  The Vodafone Fair Use Policy can be found at which may be updated from time to time. Please check our Website regularly.






Broadband is not available in all areas. You acknowledge that our control of data speeds is limited to our own network.  We may use traffic prioritization policies at any time including where doing so will improve the overall performance among our customers or where we tell you that a traffic prioritization policy applies to the Services you select.


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