Go super-fast on NZ's largest 5G network Go fast on NZ's largest 5G network
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Vodafone is New Zealand’s largest 5G mobile network, offering 5G mobile services in more places, and covering more Kiwis than any other provider. With Vodafone, you can get the newest mobile technology in selected parts of many NZ cities with more locations being added constantly. Get fast and reliable internet, on the go.

What you need to be 5G ready, set, go!

5G Coverage
5G coverage
5G is live in parts of select NZ cities with more being added constantly.
5G phone
5G phone
Available from Vodafone or Noel Leeming.
5G ready plans - Go 5G on us until 30 June 2022. Then $10 Add-On per month
5G ready plans
5G is included in all Vodafone Mobile plans at no extra cost for a limited time.

Where you can get 5G

5G is now available in parts of Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Manawatū-Whanganui, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch, Queenstown, and more. Go 5G with Vodafone NZ!

And 5G Roaming is now available in selected countries, including Australia. See our list of 5G Roaming countries.

5G Broadband is also available for homes and businesses within 5G Broadband coverage areas.

Vodafone ensured NZ was the 22nd country globally to get 5G mobile technology; the network was switched on in December 2019.

Check our 5G coverage Learn more about 5G Broadband

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Our accelerated network investment program is seeing Vodafone upgrade or build cell sites around Aotearoa, and bring Vodafone 5G to many more cities and towns.

Following completed 5G upgrades in the Bay of Plenty and Manawatū, independent testing conducted by global leader umlaut in November 2021 and August 2021* respectively shows Vodafone is the leading mobile provider in each region for voice calls and data performance. The Vodafone network is more than 3 x faster than any other mobile operator in both the Bay of Plenty and the Manawatū regions, also providing clearer calls with faster connections, and the largest 5G footprint.

To build New Zealand’s largest 5G mobile network, we will need to schedule temporary outages to protect the health and safety of our technicians and engineers while they work on improving our digital infrastructure. This means your phone or internet connection may be interrupted for a few hours, or up to a few days, while these upgrades are taking place.

See here for our planned mobile network upgrades to check whether work is taking place in your area.

Want to enjoy 5G now?

Key visual images of the OPPO Find X5 Series
Key visual images of the OPPO Find X5 Series

Choose from our 5G capable phones

If you are ready to upgrade your mobile phone, or you simply want to experience the many benefits of 5G, you can browse and compare the 5G capable phones that we have available now.

Apple's iPhone 12 & 13 range of mobile phones all come with 5G.

For Android, both OPPO and Samsung have a selection of 5G capable phones to choose from.

Discover our 5G phones
5G is set to enhance your life
5G is set to enhance your life

5G is set to enhance your life

5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity and will power a network unlike anything you’ve ever seen, until now. It starts with your smartphone; here you’ll notice brilliant voice quality and near-instant connectivity to the web. This will make streaming in HD easier than ever, even when you’re on the move.

But in time, you’ll see the effects of the 5G network make even more exciting things come to life. For starters, you’ll be able to transform your home into a smart home and access your devices and appliances, via the cloud.

You’ll be able to enjoy multiplayer online gaming with near-zero lag, putting you in the heart of the action in high definition. Your family will also be able to stream movies and TV in stunning 4K simultaneously across multiple devices. And all this is just the beginning.

What makes 5G better?

5G is a network that's faster, smarter and more reliable in every way.
5G - Increased network capacity
Increased network capacity
5G will keep more people online, more often, using beamforming technology. This means staying connected, at higher speeds, even in a crowd.
5G - Even faster speed
Even faster speed
With increased channels, mobile network speeds will be faster than ever, allowing higher streaming, faster gaming and more real-time connectivity.
5G - Lower network latency
Lower network latency
5G will have under 20 milliseconds of latency, making it lightning-fast for gaming & streaming plus exceptionally responsive for business applications.

The fifth generation (5G) mobile network enables faster speeds, lower latency (lag) and expands the potential of connected devices. 5G offers a leap forward in speed, reliability and connectivity.

The benefits of 5G are wide-ranging — from helping expand free-range working options, to offering greater Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to turbocharge New Zealand's economy, and powering better esports and gaming. 5G can also help foster greater digital inclusion by enabling community benefits such as improved health, education, and social outcomes.

Vodafone customers with a 5G-enabled smartphone can currently automatically access 5G for no extra charge. To check the coverage area, you can visit www.vodafone.co.nz/coverage. Find out what 5G can do. Go you.

Frequently asked questions

How can I access 5G?

You will need a 5G phone from Vodafone, a 5G ready plan (all 4G capable plans) and be in a 5G coverage area.
5G is already available in select NZ cities and we will continue to expand and roll out 5G to more towns and cities. So keep an eye out on our 5G coverage map.
If you are looking for 5G Broadband for your home look at our Wireless Broadband plans.

How fast is 5G?

For Mobile Networks, 5G is very fast. At launch in New Zealand, speeds started between 150-200Mbps on average, and reduce latency to a round trip in under 20 milliseconds.
As we get more spectrum and build out our 5G network, speeds will increase and will eventually have the potential to be up to 10x faster than 4G.

When will I be able to get 5G in my area?

Vodafone 5G is live in a growing number of cities and towns across Aotearoa New Zealand. We continue to upgrade our digital infrastructure to bring more 5G technology to the areas where New Zealander's live, work and play.

Please keep an eye on our coverage map as we will update this as more places go live with 5G. While we cannot guarantee dates of when 5G will be rolled out to specific areas, we will continually provide updates on our 5G roll out and mobile cell site upgrades.

How much will I pay for 5G?

From December10, 2019, all existing Vodafone customers on a 5G-ready plan (4G capable mobile plan) and any new customers using a 5G device,will get access to 5G at no extra cost - for a limited time.

How can I tell if my plan is 5G ready?

A 5G-ready plan is a plan that will enable you to access 5G. All 4G capable plans (including all our current in-market Personal and Business plans) are 5G ready. If you signed up to your plan in the last 2 years, then your plan is 5G ready.

You can also check if your plan is 4G capable by looking in the notification bar (usually on the top section of your screen). If you can see “4G”, it means your plan is 4G capable and therefore; 5G ready.

What’s the difference between a 5G ready plan and having 5G access?

A 5G enabled/ 5G ready plan is any current 4G capable mobile plan, if you signed up to your plan in the last 2 years, then your plan is 5G enabled, or 5G ready. To access the benefits of 5G you need to be on a 5G ready mobile plan, with a 5G phone from Vodafone, in a 5G coverage area.

How much data will I use on 5G? Do I need to be on a plan with unlimited data?

With much faster speeds, you will be able to use a lot more data on 5G. At launch, speeds will range between 150-200Mbps on average and it is likely you will use more data on a 5G connection.
If you are on a capped plan, we recommend you upgrade to a plan with unlimited data, so that you don’t run out of data.

Will 5G work on my current phone?

Current 4G phones are not 5G capable. You will need to buy a new 5G phone. See our range of 5G phones.

Can I use a 5G phone that was bought outside of New Zealand or parallel imported, to access Vodafone NZ’s 5G network?

We cannot guarantee that overseas/parallel imported phones will work on the Vodafone 5G network. We recommend that you buy a Vodafone approved 5G phone from Vodafone NZ or other selected retailers.
Vodafone-approved handsets are fully tested and compatible with the full suite of Vodafone NZ services and frequencies.

What does latency mean, and why does 5G reduce latency?

We experience latency as responsiveness. For example, after entering a web address, does the page load straight away or are you left drumming your fingers?
On a network with lower latency like 5G, content could load in just a few milliseconds.

Is this really 5G – or more like 4.5G or 4.9G?

Vodafone is rolling out 5G, according to 5G standards (based on 3GPP Release 15). This standard defines the 5G New Radio interface (5G NR), operating in a non-standalone mode i.e. using 4G as the anchor network. It is GSMA R15 5G compliant and as rolled out in other world leading markets.

We’re launching 5G in the most popular global spectrum band (3.5GHz). This technology will form the foundation upon which we will build our 5G network through 2020 and beyond – and has been tested in live international networks including Vodafone Italy (which launched 5G in June).

Due to mobility management and 4G/5G carrier aggregation features, our customers will move seamlessly between networks.

Can I use 5G when I am roaming overseas?

Yes, you can roam with 5G. 5G is now available in selected countries when traveling overseas. Find out what countries are 5G enabled.

Is 5G safe to use?

Yes, 5G is safe. The Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation offer factual information on their websites. Over 30 years of research has been done on the effects of radio waves from mobile phones and there are no known negative health impacts.

Learn more about 5G and health.

What is the difference between 5G mobile and 5G wireless broadband?

5G Broadband is a superfast, reliable Broadband service that runs over our mobile network. This means we can offer Broadband to homes and businesses via a 5G modem, as an alternative to cabled Broadband services. Find out more.

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