Vodafone Station

Connect all your devices wirelessly in your home or office with the Vodafone Station modem

Vodafone Station

It's exclusive to Vodafone and allows you to make the most of your broadband connection.


  •  Wi-Fi
  •  Easy set up and navigation
  •  File sharing and printing
  •  DLNA compatible


Easy set up and navigation

You will be online in minutes with our set up wizard that will guide you through installing your new modem. And, you can navigate to all the main features of the modem from the built-in 3.2-inch LCD colour screen at anytime and don't have to worry about entering in your broadband username & password to get setup.


Manage your Wi-Fi connection directly from the modem.

Share a printer

Connect a printer to the Vodafone Station via USB and you can print to it from any device connected to your network in your home or office.

Share a hard drive

Connect a hard drive to the Vodafone Station via USB and you can share all your saved documents, photos, music and videos to any device connected to your network in your home or office.

DLNA compatible

Enable DLNA and you can share media and content between the Vodafone Station and other DLNA compatible devices, such as Sony's Playstation3, Smart TV's and mobile phones.

Vodafone Media Manager

Your Vodafone Station comes with a user licence for Vodafone Media Manager by Twonky - this media management software for Windows PCs allows you to share all your music, photos and videos with UPnP or DLNA-compatible digital media players throughout your home.

Use a Vodem*

Stay online using a Vodem as a backup internet connection if there's an outage or you're waiting to be connected. Additional data charges will apply.

*The following Vodafone Mobile Broadband Vodems are compatible with the Vodafone Station - Huawei K3772 and K3806. Vodem is not included and needs to be purchased separately. Connecting to the internet via your Vodem will incur data charges, as per the pricing available on Vodafone.co.nz.Voice services over your Vodem are not supported.

Vodafone station back


  • Interactive 3.2" LCD colour screen
  • ADSL2+ and Fibre router
  • Wi-Fi certified IEEE 802.11 b/g 802.11n (2.4GHz and 5GHz non-concurrent)
  • Two analogue phone ports
  • Two USB 2.0 ports for printing and file sharing
  • One USB port that supports 3G Vodems