Leave a note with Safe TXT

Let someone know where you are in case things go wrong

Whenever you'd like the security of someone knowing where you are, you can leave a Safe TXT message with us in case things go wrong.

It’s a free service and a handy way to leave a note saying where you are. We’ll save your TXT with the time and date. If something does happen and the police ask us if we have any information, we can give it to them straight away. 


How Safe TXT works

To leave a Safe TXT:

  • FreeTXT your message to 7233 (SAFE)
  • Include your location and any other details, such as ‘walking the Mt William track expect to be back by 5pm’, or ‘walking home to Ponsonby up Franklin Rd’
  • We will TXT you back to confirm we received your Safe TXT.


  • Save 7233 in your contacts, just in case
  • If you think you’re in danger, always call 111 (or the local emergency number if you’re overseas) immediately and ask for the police
  • This service should not be considered an alternative to calling 111, as it simply stores the information and may only be used if the authorities request it

  • The SafeTXT service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • SafeTXT is available and free for all Vodafone NZ mobile customers (you can only use the service with a Vodafone NZ SIM card)
  • You can use SafeTXT when you’re roaming, but roaming charges will apply
  • Vodafone keeps each SafeTXT message for 3 months (after that, archived messages are stored and backed up securely)
  • Only the police can view SafeTXT messages
  • SafeTXT is for TXT messages only  (i.e. not PXT or video PXT)
Important things to know 
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Frequently Asked Questions

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