Roaming in New Zealand

Keep connected while you’re here on holiday or business

Mount Cook and Pukaki lake, New Zealand

We're stoked (very pleased) you’re visiting NZ and want to help you stay connected either using your own mobile and home network or one of our local SIM packs. If you’re bringing your iPad or iPhone with you, we have SIM packs and plans for those too.

Get a Travel NZ SIM


  •  Coverage in 97.5% of where people live, work and play
  •  Make life easier with a Prepay pack
  •  We're here to help - in store, online or over the phone

Using your mobile

When you're visiting New Zealand you can access Vodafone's network with your mobile. Our smart network is fast and reliable and covers 97.5% of where people live, work and play.

Simply activate Global Roaming on your own network before you leave home. After that, all your calls and other services you use will be billed to your home network account. If you have a Prepay or Pay-as-you-go mobile, you may be able to use our local recharge cards to top up your balance.

Why use Vodafone?

Why Vodafone is the best way for you to keep connected

  • Keep your number
  • Easy for friends and family to contact you
  • No new setup required
  • You'll be billed by your home network provider

Make it easy with the NZ Travel SIM

The NZ Travel SIM comes with everything you need to stay connected when you're travelling in New Zealand.

NZ Travel SIM benefits:

  • One simple Plan with everything you need
  • Packed with loads of minutes, TXTs and data
  • Credit to use to call Voicemail or send a PXT
  • Only costs $49

Using data

For BlackBerry and handheld devices:

Your existing mobile email settings should work fine in New Zealand, as long as you set up for Global Roaming before you leave home.

Vodafone Mobile Connect Cards

If your laptop is GPRS or your 3G data card is compatible with our network, simply set it up for Data Roaming before you leave home. It should work fine the minute you step off the plane in New Zealand.

Other devices

If your mobile or data device is not Vodafone New Zealand approved, we can't guarantee its compatability with our network. Check your device's settings in our Interactive Device Guides.

Information about our network

Vodafone's mobile network operates on the following frequencies:

  • A 2G voice network on 900/1800MHz (almost every GSM mobile should work on these frequencies)
  • A 2G data network on 900/1800MHz
  • A 3G UMTS data network for voice, video calls and data on 900/2100MHz
  • A 3G HSDPA network on 2100MHz
  • A 4G network on 20Mhz (MIMO) and 700MHz

More about our network frequencies  

Using a NZ SIM card

Redirect from your home mobile

To make sure callers on your home network number can still reach you, record a new Voicemail message asking them to contact you on your alternative number. Or divert all calls to your alternative number for the duration of your visit.

Need help when you’re here?

If you need help, the customer service number of your home network is the best place to start. If you’re still having problems, come and see us in any Vodafone store.