Roaming overseas

Take your mobile, tablet or laptop travelling and you can talk, TXT or access the internet in over 200 destinations - only on Vodafone. On Account roamers can also get 4G roaming in selected destinations


Daily Roaming is available in the following popular Pacific destinations: Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Nauru.

Daily Roaming is available to the places more Kiwis travel to, on all of our On Account Mobile Plans currently on sale.



  •  Know exactly what you're spending
  •  Nothing to set up - just switch your phone on
  •  Includes calls & TXTs within the Daily Roaming country & to NZ
More about Daily Roaming

Available on all On Account mobile plans currently on sale (excluding Mobile Broadband) and for Red Sure Spend customers who request Daily Roaming when you roam in selected Daily Roaming Countries. For a daily fee use your mobile plan inclusions and rates in Daily Roaming Countries. Usual plan charges apply.  A daily fee applies for each day you make/receive calls, send TXTs or use data in the Daily Roaming Country (valid until midnight NZ time), up to 90 consecutive days. If you are not on an Eligible Plan and/or in a Daily Roaming Country other rates will apply. GST is charged at 0%. Full Terms and Conditions apply.

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See how much it costs to call, TXT and use data when you're travelling overseas

We've got the best value roaming rates with Daily Roaming - when you are on one of our On Account plans currently on sale - plus simple pricing to other destinations.

If you're on one of our older plans, Sign in to My Vodafone to find roaming rates specific to your plan.

More about our roaming rates

All call charges are rounded up to the nearest minute. GST on calls you make overseas is charged at 0%. Data roaming availability and pricing subject to change without notice.

Full Terms and Conditions apply

Prepay roaming with Vodafone

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You can roam with your Vodafone Prepay mobile in over 120 countries, with simple pricing and 24/7 support.

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My Vodafone is the quickest and easiest way to find roaming pricing specific to your plan.


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Before you leave NZ, there are just a few simple steps you need to take.

Handy roaming tips ›

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Get some tips on calling, TXTing and managing your data overseas.

Roaming in New Zealand ›

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Our smart network will help you stay connected to friends, family and colleagues back home.

In-flight Roaming ›


Need to use your mobile or device when you’re flying? It’s easy with Vodafone.

Maritime Roaming ›


If you're heading into international waters, chances are your Vodafone mobile can use our Maritime Roaming service.

NZ Travel SIM ›

NZ Travel SIM

Our NZ Travel SIM comes with everything you need to stay connected when you're travelling in New Zealand.

Data roaming is available on some vessels. Check with the cruise line before you leave.