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Products - Flexibility

Office 365

Office 365 ›

Office 365 is a cloud-based solution for Microsoft products

Red Share for Business

Red Share for Business ›

Connect your team with one plan and one pool of data

Vodafone One Business

Vodafone One Business ›

Increase productivity and efficiency while working on the go, with a solution that helps your team collaborate in real time


Other businesses ensuring flexibility

Green Acres

Green Acres ›

Learn how technology and the Vodafone network helps Green Acres franchisees work more flexibly on the go.

Cook Bros Construction

Cook Brothers ›

Cook Brothers Construction is packing different tools in their toolbox – tablets and smartphones. They’re not using them for Candy Crush though, they’re increasing onsite productivity.

NZ Police

NZ Police ›

New Zealand’s frontline police officers are creating a safer country and are utilising mobile apps, tablets and smartphones to help them do so.


How to stay competitive – find out more

Work smarter

Work smarter ›

Find out how you can operate more efficiently

Secure your business

Secure your business ›

Protect yours and your customers' private data

Work where and how you want

Work flexibly ›

Work where and how you want