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A Ready Business uses technology to drive out unnecessary costs while finding simpler ways of working and connecting with customers.

By moving key processes and data to the cloud, you can reduce costs and concentrate on your business instead of IT.

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TransDiesel - world-class customer service through unified communications

When TransDiesel CIO Mark Leadbetter realised their old PBX system was holding the business back, he asked Vodafone to give their dated technology a facelift and future-proof it for business growth.

TransDiesel is New Zealand’s foremost diesel engine and transmission house, providing parts, equipment and services to the transport, mining, forestry, construction and marine sectors. Seamless communication between staff and customers is critical, and when you offer nationwide coverage from 13 branches with 200+ employees (working on and off site), mobility is a necessity.

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How DB Breweries get through more beer, with fewer bottlenecks

DB Breweries is a name that’s synonymous with beer. From its base in Otahuhu and another 15 sites around the country, it keeps New Zealand supplied with Tui, Monteiths, DB Export Gold, Heineken and a host of other popular brands.

Looking to trim costs and boost productivity, the company engaged Vodafone to overhaul its voice and data communications.

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Precision Farming – how a Kiwi company is helping farmers harvest big savings

Fertiliser is fantastic for making grass grow. It’s a vital input to New Zealand farms, which is why farmers regularly book a truckload to be spread across their paddocks.

But because fertiliser is expensive stuff, you don’t want to order too much. You also want to avoid excess nutrients running off your land and polluting precious waterways.

So Precision Farming came up with a smart way of using mobile technology to stop farmers spreading too much of a good thing.

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ASB - how a smart bank is making smarter savings

With 150 branches around New Zealand, ASB generates some large power bills every month.

Installing smart meters, and sending the data to head office every 15 minutes, would help the bank work out how electricity was being used – and where it was being wasted.

So ASB sat down with energy consultancy ESP and Vodafone, and mapped out a solution.

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Events Direct – getting the show on the road with smart devices

As one of NZ’s leading events specialists, Events Direct manages events from huge multi-million dollar conferences, through to breakfast seminars.

Their work requires them to be constantly on the road, so everything has to be managed through their mobiles and tablets, along with apps, cloud data storage and unlimited talk and TXTs on their mobiles.

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Expert insights

Cost: the need for control

A Vodafone global enterprise research study identified the key pain points most likely to keep the CIO awake at night.

M2M – connecting people, devices and things

With M2M technology, you can automate everyday tasks, connect your business in ways you’ve never imagined, track any kind of inventory in the field, remove duplication, and save time and money.