Vodafone Voice

Tell us what you think and be in to win great prizes

What you think really matters to us. Our products and services are all developed around you, so it makes sense for you to give us your opinion.

The Vodafone Voice online panel is an easy way to share your views with us. And to say thanks, we’ll put you in the draw to win some pretty amazing prizes. Airtime credits, mobile phones and tickets to some of the hottest Vodafone sponsored events are all up for grabs.

Give us your thoughts and win prizes

All you have to do to get started is visit the Vodafone Voice website and complete a short survey about how you use your mobile. We’ll be in touch from time to time to ask if you’d like to give us your thoughts on a specific topic.

Each time you complete a survey, we’ll put you in the draw for a prize. There’s no long-term commitment and you decide what surveys you want to complete.

Visit the Vodafone Voice website to get started

Go to the Vodafone Voice website