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Coverage depends on where you are, and what device you are using. For example, to get 4G mobile speeds you need to be in a 4G area and have a 4G capable device. In addition to this, there are various 4G spectrums. The newest, 4G 700MHz, provides better coverage in rural locations and is more effective at penetrating walls and buildings. It requires a compatible phone or device.

Please note: The above map is indicative only and intended to provide general guidance on where our network and outdoor coverage is available. Coverage may vary depending on the type of device used.


What's our coverage?


2G/3G coverage

Our mobile network delivers 3G throughout the country, high speed dual carrier 3G in urban centres and rural areas, plus 2G backup. 

Our cellsites cover 98.5%* of where Kiwis live, work and play.



If you're out on the water, you have access to our fantastic extended 900 MHz 3G network – this means that smartphones have coverage for up to 120kms offshore.

We still recommend you have a VHF radio on board for emergencies.

view of Riverton port, New Zealand
Farmer accessing broadband on his laptop

Rural Broadband Initiative coverage

We have been busy building and extending a reliable rural network. As part of the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) we will build over 150 new cell towers and upgrade over 380 by the end of 2016.

Our rural network currently provides fast and reliable mobile and broadband (RBI) services to over 4m hectares of land. Rural 4G coverage is now being rolled out to deliver super-fast speed and extended coverage.

Woman and man using a tablet in a rural setting
Woman talking on the phone in front of the Eiffel tower


Take your mobile, tablet or laptop travelling and you can talk, TXT or access the internet in over 200 destinations - only on Vodafone.

You can also get  4G roaming to over 85 destinations.

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Coverage solutions

Your environment, your location and sometimes your phone itself could be the reason for loss of network coverage.

Understand the issues which could be disrupting your mobile signal and what you can do to resolve them.

Coverage solutions

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*Population coverage