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Your mobile is much more than a phone - it makes life easier, safer and more fun

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  •  Block unwelcome TXT and PXT messages
  •  Get some Prepay credit when you're running low
  •  Keep an eye on data usage when you're overseas
  •  Pay for parking with your mobile
  •  And much more!

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Boost your Vodafone mobile signal ›

Limited mobile coverage? Give it a boost with Sure Signal.

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My Vodafone app ›

Keep track of account details anywhere, anytime, with the My Vodafone mobile app.


More great services for your mobile

Create and share PXTs, send free TXTs from our website and pay for parking with your mobile

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Vodafone CallMe ›

This service allows you to TXT anyone on the Vodafone network, asking them to call you.

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Share PXTs & video ›

PXT World lets you view, create and share PXTs and video messages with others.

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FreeTXT your mates ›

Send free TXTs to any Vodafone mobile from our website.

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Pay for parking ›

When you’re out of change, pay for parking with Vodafone TXT-a-Park.


Entertainment TXT services

Enter competitions, vote on TV shows, chat on your mobile or sign up for our TXT soap opera

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TXTchat rooms ›

Our TXTchat rooms can put you in touch with groups of people like you.

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Premium TXT services ›

Enter competitions, vote on TV shows, get information updates, buy content and more.

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Subscribe to TXTLife ›

Sign up for daily TXT episodes of this saucy soap opera.