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Message +

Send it all

Get the best of TXT and chat with this service. Send any kind of message to any mobile. Send your contacts words, pictures, emoticons, sounds and up to 3 minutes of high quality video. Best of all you’ll get all your replies, even chat messages, back to the one inbox.

Got a question?

Visit our Message + page to find out about messaging with more than words

Message+ Terms and Conditions apply.


Send it all

As good as being face to face, make your call more personal with Call+

  • You can add information like importance, subject, photo or location to your calls
  •  Send notes for unanswered calls
  •  Enhanced sharing for more engaged calls, add files and videos

Available now on Android and iOS. Got a question? Take a look at our Call+ FAQs



HD Voice

Get the best call quality with HD Voice, a new technology that gives you twice the quality of standard calls.

Find out more about Vodafone's HD Voice service.

HD Voice
Block unwanted TXTs


Blacklist is a free service available to all Vodafone customers that makes it easy to block unwanted TXT and PXT messages. You simply create a list of NZ mobile numbers you want to block. If you ever receive threatening TXTs or highly offensive PXTs, we recommend you also contact the police.

Find out more about Blacklist.

Block unwanted TXTs
Flexi Data

Get more data

With Flexi Data you’ll get a notification if you are running low on data. You’ll be given the option of buying a choice of Add-Ons to allow you to continue to use data.

Find out more about Flexi Data.

Flexi Data
Safety belt


DriveSafe auto-replies to TXTs while you’re driving, so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

How to use DriveSafe

Before you start driving, freeTXT ‘Drive on’ to 760

Incoming TXTs will receive this auto-reply: “I’m driving right now. I’ll read your TXT as soon as it is safe to do so. Vodafone DriveSafe.”

When you arrive at your destination, freeTXT ‘Drive off’ to 760 then check the TXT messages you received

Find out more about DriveSafe.

Safety belt
Commercial airplane

Daily Roaming

Get unbeatable value on Daily Roaming. If you're on one of our On Account plans currently on sale, for just $5 a day, you can use your plan's minutes, TXTs and data in the places that most Kiwis travel to.

Find out more about Vodafone Daily Roaming.

Commercial airplane

Send group TXTs

When you’ve got organising to do, or you need to spread some news, web2TXT makes it easy.

You can send TXTs to up to 50 different mobile numbers in any month, and up to 100 TXTs a day. Your personal address book is saved online, so you can access it from anywhere. Replies go straight to your mobile.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your My Vodafone account details
  3. Enter the Vodafone number you want to TXT
  4. Write your message 
  5. Click 'Send your TXT'
Hand placing an IOU note into a piggy bank

If you're running low on credit and can’t Top Up right away, get an instant $5 credit with Prepay IOU. Next time you Top Up, you’ll repay the $5 plus a $0.50 fee.

How to get a Prepay IOU

Simply TXT IOU to 468 and we'll apply a $5 credit straight away!

Important things to know

  • You must have less than $14 credit to use TXT IOU
  • You can only have one outstanding IOU at a time - you need to repay your outstanding IOU before you can request another one
  • IOU is not available while roaming
  • You can’t move to another Prepay or On Account plan while you have an unpaid IOU


Hand placing an IOU note into a piggy bank
Boy imitating a phone call with his hand

Get them to call you

With Vodafone CallMe, we'll send a message to anyone on the Vodafone network for you with a message that says ‘call me’ for free! It’s great for kids that have run out of credit.

Simply TXT the person's Vodafone number to 798 and wait for them to call.

Boy imitating a phone call with his hand
Friends sitting and laughing

We created Vodafone Free2TXT so you can stay in touch for no cost. In return, we sometimes add a short marketing message. With Free2TXT you can send up to 20 free TXTs a day, with a limit of 200 a month.

Find out more about Free2TXT.

Friends sitting and laughing
Traveler looking at cell phone in airport parking lot

Short on change? No time to waste? Get on with it at any TXT-a-Park machine. Just follow the simple instructions on the machine.

The cost of parking, plus $0.50 (incl GST) to use the service, will show on your Vodafone bill or be deducted from your Prepay balance.

How is the parking charged?
On Prepay - Your parking fee will be deducted from your Prepay balance, so be sure you have enough credit.
On Account - The cost of the parking will be itemised on your next Vodafone bill, and clearly identified as "TXT-a-Park".
TXT-a-Park machines are in most New Zealand cities.
Traveler looking at cell phone in airport parking lot
Vodafone TV App

This app give you the ability to series link, share, view the guide, as well as remotely record your favourite programmes straight from your mobile device. Now available on iPhone, iPad and Android.


Vodafone TV App
Safe TXT

Leave a note with Safe TXT

If you’re feeling uneasy and want to let someone know where you are in case things go wrong, you can leave a Safe TXT message with us. If something does happen and the police are looking for you we can pass your message on to them straight away

Find out more about Safe TXT

Safe TXT
Calling Features

Calling features

Vodafone offers you a set of handy calling features for your mobile - all for free!
Find out more about mobile calling features .

Calling Features - Voice Mail