Join PXT World

Want to send PXT messages but don’t have a PXT-compatible mobile? Use Vodafone’s PXT World to create and send PXT messages to email addresses or PXT-enabled mobiles.

Pictures can be sourced from your mobile, computer or the PXT World gallery.


  •  Let’s you send and receive PXTs when you don’t have a PXT-compatible mobile
  •  Free storage space for your pictures and videos
  •  Share with anyone, anywhere in the world
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How much does it cost?

Sending a PXT costs $0.20 to a Vodafone mobile in NZ or $0.51 to a non-Vodafone mobile. It costs nothing to join PXT World, and includes 15MB of space.


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How to use PXT World

Register for My Vodafone then you can log on to PXT World anytime, anywhere.

You can also PXT images to 798 and they'll get stored at PXT World.


Important things to know

  • If a PXT is sent to someone who does not pick it up online the sender is still charged for sending a PXT message. There is no charge to the person picking up/viewing the PXT online
  • GPRS roaming charges apply while sending/receiving a PXT on a GPRS roaming network
Important things to know